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About Annapolis Always

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Annapolis Always provides people an immediate channel for giving to a worthy cause in a simple and easy way in order to support causes they believe in.

The proceeds of every article sold by Annapolis Always goes to the Capital Gazette Family Fund while the donator is provided with a lasting memory of their own act of charity. The concept is to own a piece of the memory and wear it proudly and be uplifted by it. To appreciate the city we are lucky enough to live or perhaps visit and carry with us positive message forward wherever the we travel. Because wherever we are, in whatever country, city or state, as Annapolitans our spirits are always in Annapolis.

It was after the shooting at the Capital Gazette in their own home town of Annapolis, Maryland where five journalists were killed on a gorgeous summers day that Melanie and Michael, the founders of the charity felt they could no longer simply write a check and feel that they had done their all. They felt compelled to do something meaningful. Something that could have a more lasting impact. Melanie is an award winning artist and has had many pieces of her work in museums and art galleries across the country. She brings her wealth of experience in graphic design to the forefront and has been the driving force behind Annapolis Always.

The fallen five will not be forgotten and we hope that they are remembered in the positive way they impacted this community. Read a little about each below to learn more about their families, their impact on the community and the good work they did.

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